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Video Game Pianist™ is one of the first musicians to gain recognition for performing live video game music on a solo instrument. He has been acknowledged for starting the trend of people posting videos of themselves playing video game music on various instruments on the Internet. The Internet premiere of his Super Mario Medley video, created at age 17, launched his video game music performance career overnight.

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Video game music has the power to uplift, unify, and inspire the world.

I enjoy playing the piano and video games. By combining these two fun activities, Video Game Pianist™ was born! When I perform video game music, it is so much fun to bring to life the corresponding character or characters in a video game and the video game itself! I realized from having performed in 17 countries, video game music has universal appeal. For example, when I play the Super Mario Brothers theme, I am happy that the music brings so much joy to people. Furthermore, my Super Mario Medley video inspired countless of people around the world to post videos of themselves playing video game music and to start learning how to play the piano. Perhaps it is video game music that will save the world!


Classical pianist and Video Game Pianist™

Video Game Pianist™
Recital at PAX 2016
Performed at Benaroya Hall, home of the Seattle Symphony

The West meets East when Martin performs western classical music and transitions to video game music by Japanese composers. All the classical music pieces Martin plays appears in video games.

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The History of the
Super Mario Medley video

Click the animation to read the history of the Super Mario Medley video!

Video Game Pianist™ plays the entire Super Mario 64 soundtrack!
Music transcribed by Video Game Pianist™

Enjoy the spirit of the game by listening to the performance!

In their words...
Bring Life to Your Event!

Martin Leung will bring joy to your event with his masterful performances of classical music and/or video game music! Also, as a piano teacher, Martin is currently accepting serious students who want to learn how to play piano. Please contact Martin for more details.